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Gladys Dimmick

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interviewee: Gladys Lunsford Dimmick

interviewer: Iris Howell

date: June 24, 2004

place: Cary, NC

IH: This interview is being conducted for the North Carolina state archives. It is being conductedd on June 24, 2004 in Cary, North Carolina. The interviewer is Iris Howell. Would you state your full name?

GD: Gladys Lunsford Dimmick

IH: And your current address?

GD: 1109 Willow Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

IH: And your phone number?

GD: (919) 9426596

IH: Where did you grow up?

GD: In Hilsborough and Durahm.

IH: When did you enlist?

GD: I enlisted in December of 1943 and was caled in to active duuty in January of 1944.

IH: Did you have any brothers or sisters?

GD: I had 9 brothers and sisters.

IH: Do you remember where you were when you first heard about the war?

GD: I was sitting at the dining room table with my oarents.

IH: Where did you go for basic training?

GD: I went to basic raining in Bronks, New York.

IH: Did youu enjoy the training there?

GD: I loved it.

IH: When you entered did you have any idea or guess as to what your job assignment might be?

GD: No.

IH: What was a typical day like?

GD: Busy.

IH: Were you an air traffic controler?

GD: I was an air traffic controler.

IH: After you worked as an air traffic controler what did you move in to?

GD: After that I got marrried and got out of the service.

IH: Did you enjoy that work that you did?

GD: Very much.

IH: Did you meet your hubsband when you were an air traffic controler?

GD: No, I met him manyy years before.

IH: Did you have any children?

GD: I had 1 dauughter.

IH: Where does she live?

GD: She llives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with me.

IH: And what is she?

GD: She's a financial advisor.

IH: Is there anything else you'd like to say for the record that I didn't already ask you?

GD: No.

IH: Welll I suppose that covers everything. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

GD: Thank you..

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