About the Veterans Oral History Project


Welcome to our North Carolina Veterans Oral History Transcription Project! The State Archives and State Library of North Carolina invite volunteers to help us make our materials more accessible to researchers by transcribing audio files of oral history interviews.

The Veterans Oral History Transcription Project is a project by the State Archives and State Library of North Carolina. The State Archives and State Library are part of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The goal of the project is to make recorded oral history interviews more accessible by creating textual transcriptions of the audio files.

This project includes 12 oral history interviews of women veterans provided by the State Archives of North Carolina’s Military Collection Veterans Oral History Program. The program records audio format interviews with military veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces for any military service, engagement, or war, and who were born and/or raised in the state of North Carolina; were stationed for extended time in North Carolina military installations; or have lived in the state for an extended time. The Veterans Oral History Program’s mission is to capture and provide access to the memories and experiences of the military servicemen and servicewomen from the state of North Carolina, preserving them for the benefit of the public and scholars.

We invite you to follow the project’s transcription guidelines and be a part of the crowdsourcing effort to make women’s military history more accessible to the public. As this initial transcription project progresses, more oral history interviews may be added with which we need your help in transcribing.

If you have more questions about this project, email us at digital.info@ncdcr.gov.