Transcription Sample

Transcription Sample

Interviewee: Jennifer T. Johnson
Interviewer: Thomas Markham
Date: March 16, 2008
Place: Durham, N.C.
Transcriber: Joseph L. Thomas, July 1, 2018

TM: My name is Thomas Markham. I am here to conduct an oral history interview with Jennifer Johnson for the Military Collection at the State Archives. Today is March 16, 2008. Could you say your full name for the record?

JJ: Jennifer Trudy Johnson

TM: Do we have permission to conduct this interview with you today?

JJ: You sure do.

TM: When and where were you born?

JJ: I was born in Edenton, N.C., in July 1954.

TM: What did your parents do for a living?

JJ: My father worked as a mechanic at a local auto body shop in Edenton, and my mom stayed at home. She did a lot of volunteer work for the Red Cross while I was growing up.